The prepaid credit card for fast money transfer and easy management of business expenses

In cooperation with various banks, PAPAGENA Projects GmbH has developed the service and software system PAPAGENA|Prepaid for businesses. On the basis of prepaid card technology, this system allows cashless transactions of both small and large sums of money in a matter of seconds, which the payment recipient can access immediately worldwide. The use of PAPAGENA|Prepaid is possible in a wide variety of industries and sectors. You can find some ideas here.

Providing an emergency solution for the logistics industry

Do you have an international forwarding agency with scheduled freight or sensitive goods? Then you know the consequences of unexpected vehicle damage, a stop abroad because of a fine or long waiting times at Eastern European borders. With PAPAGENA|Prepaid you provide your drivers with money for POS or ATM on call and within seconds.

Convenient alternative to branch account and petty cash

Does your company have branches with a sporadic need for cash or short-term purchases? Are you in a situation, however, where you don’t want to or are not allowed to grant employees branch accounts or access rights? Then simply distribute the PAPAGENA|Prepaid Card and make money available immediately and without any credit risk or authentication problems.

The travel money for the field service
Do you still pay your employees for travel expenses? Do you want to facilitate the processes of travel expense accounting? Should advances and lengthy slip transfers be a thing of the past? Then give your employee a PAPAGENA | prepaid card on a case-by-case basis, load up the necessary credit and settle online based on the transaction logs. After return simply the next employee gets the card.

The solution for secure shopping on the Internet or at the POS

Do your employees shop regularly in retail stores or on the Internet? Does the boss have to give out his credit card, legitimise an employee and also manage the credit risk? Does the employee have to spend private money? Then switch to PAPAGENA|Prepaid. The company card can be loaded with company money on a case-by-case basis, can be activated and is immediately available for use. Unused money is simply unloaded.

Prepaid credit cards for employee retention and motivation

Are you looking for ways to retain good employees or increase motivation? Does the transfer of regular tax-free payments as extra wages (€44.00 per month as non-cash compensation, tax- and social security contribution-free) make administrative expenses too costly for you today? Then simply issue a PAPAGENA|Prepaid credit card—with the optional company logo as an additional great advertising medium.

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