The innovative wage and salary account for the maritime sector

PAPAGENA|PayRoll is the innovative method with which the payroll process can be handled securely and quickly in a standard procedure, regardless of the origin and destination of the pay recipient. The procedure creates enthusiasm not only for you, but also for your employees. PAPAGENA|PayRoll combines the advantages of a classic current account with the flexibility of cash, the security of a bank account and the possibilities of prepaid cards.

Security for ocean carrier and crew

Paying wages with cash, which is still common on merchant and cruise ships, poses challenges not only in terms of transport to the ship, storage on board and transmission to the crew member’s family. It is also associated with high risk of loss and theft. With PAPAGENA|PayRoll all that is in the past!

Fast money transfer in a few seconds

Our solution makes salary and wage payment child’s play. Just let your payroll accounting process the credit amounts and load the orders into our application. The posting to the salary or wage account of the crew member takes place within seconds – immediately available worldwide.

Worldwide availability

Do your crew members come from all over the world? Are they always in a different part of the world on payday? Do they receive their pay in different currencies? With our method, which is provided by a European bank, this is no challenge. You transfer money to the prepaid credit cards of your crew in different currencies. The credit can be accessed at any ATM with MasterCard logo or POS anywhere in the world. Ask us about it!

Effective instrument for employee retention

Especially in the cruise industry, it is increasingly difficult to find good personnel and to keep them in the company. Use our solution as a module for employee retention. Simply print your company logo on the pay card and put it in the wallet of each of your crew members, even beyond the period of employment.

Attractive pricing

The high cost of supplying the ships with cash or international transfers is a thing of the past with this solution. You only have to load the prepaid credit cards in the office. The transfer of money is handled for you by the worldwide network of MasterCard. All at highly attractive conditions.

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